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There is a story behind every T-Shirt. Now Tallawah is a Jamaican (Patois word) meaning, strong, fearless and not to be underestimated. Sometimes, life can beat the breaks off us and leave us in a place where we can't even see the greatness or treasures within ourselves. It's almost like being lost at sea; feeling disconnected from the world and drifting into an abyss. 

Once upon a time I was locked away in my house. Fear, depression, ailments ....were my jailers. These jailers are party animals; they throw pity parties day and night and all are invited. If you read the "about us" section, particularly, "meet the face behind the brand", you'll get a background on who I am. My name is Rory. This is where Tallawah started.

After meeting two youth pastors(identical twins/Bruce and Glen), otherwise known as the fashion preachers. I began to take part in activities at their church and attended gatherings. One of these gatherings were where men would come together to empower each other: talk, cook food, etc. At one of these gatherings we were given a fun challenge to come up with a couple bars, for a song with the theme brotherhood. I was terrified, but took courage and wrote some bars then spit them. The rest was history!

I discovered I had a musical gift. Now fast-forward a few months; I was asked to share my testimony live in-front of thousands of people. I felt like i was still overcoming things but I went ahead anyway. Many people were touched by it to my surprise. At the end of the testimony, I was asked to share/perform one of the songs I was featured on. And a song by the name of "Giants Tallawah", was the choice. Tallawah was never apart of the original idea for the song, but during the recording, it was spontaneously added. Almost, Like God wrote it in himself. To say, all those who hear this song: know this, you may seem small but you are strong, fearless and not to be underestimated. You have treasures hidden within you. You have passions, you don't even know are passions yet. So don't give up or be discouraged about your life. Rise up like the Giant you are and roar!!! 

You can find the song on all streaming platforms. Here is a quick listen!


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