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Oni is an "avid wild dreamer who loves to create content that makes you think and encourages you to do and be the best you un-apologetically."

We decided to share Oni's story because it closely relates to our mission: To craft your own reality and to never settle. To do what you love and never back down. Knowing you can achieve anything. Also, we believe her story will hit home with many. 

Oni graduated from Southern University with a Bachelors of Science in Nursing. This was a difficult, but an amazing accomplishment. However, she knew early on that this was not what she was placed on this earth to do with her life. In her mind she fulfilled everyone else’s desires instead of her own. But she's not living with regrets. Rather, she has since decided to take back control of her life and that started with leaving her nursing career behind. She's now taking steps to create a life that is filled with meaning, enlightenment, creativity, purpose, beauty and travel, while cultivating healthy meaningful relationships. 

Be encouraged to take ownership of your life and create the life you love. 

Following your dreams takes alot of balls(courage). Because, everyone has been conditioned to take the safe route. Which is first to believe the idea that your passions won't make you any money. So you need to settle for a government job or go to college and find a good paying/safe career. This may have made perfect sense, years ago(when technology was in it's infancy and social media didn't exist and so on). But the world we live in today-anything is possible. And I am not talking about the American dream. I am talking about your dream. It just doesn't make sense to be a great singer, and yet you're at a desk your whole life(never doing any gigs or auditions etc). It seems like we have betrayed ourselves to come into this world with such passion and giftings, but never use them? 

Are you a dreamer?

Dreamers have many different faces: From the badass stay at home moms juggling a business and motherhood, to Millennials who are actively starting their own ventures. To be a dreamer, you don’t accept that you have to settle for just having a job and paying bills(not that there's anything wrong with that, especially if the job is your passion). Take for instance, Jessica Vosk, a Broadway actress who left a safe Wall Street Gig to pursue her dream. Now, she is starring in 'Wicked". That's one of the best selling plays on broadway. Dreamers are rebels; they are courageous to follow their dreams. Whether it’s acting or singing, dancing or entrepreneurship, becoming fashion icons or writing the next best-seller book. If you only live once, why not do what you love?

Passion matters

Let me share a quote from Oni, that really brings some enlightenment: 

This is what she had to say:  "It's not that you can't do something. Things that you can do, doesn't mean it's meant for you. Just because you did it, just because you completed it, doesn't mean it's meant for you.  When it comes to being a nurse(for instance), it has to be something literally engraved in you, like God you designed me to do this. It's unfair to people, to the patients, for you to not have that passion. Yeah, I was a damn good nurse and I cared about people and always put my best foot forward. But that doesn't really mean that's what I'm meant to do." - Oni


I can't count how many times I have heard people cry about how miserable they are in their jobs.  How many times has someone said they are studying to be a lawyer or doctor because, their parents told them to do it or bait them into it with a promise to help them pay for college? But I truly believe that someone truly doing what they love will impact society more than someone who just has a prestigious job that they are not passionate about. I believe in your dreams, do you?

Don't Ever Give Up On You

"There is always going to be some obstacle that could prevent you from following your dreams. Some challenge will always show up ready to grab your attention – if you let it. You have a choice, though. You can choose to give it your attention or keep moving forward anyway. Fear and doubt: these things don't go away, they just lose their significance when you commit yourself wholly to your goals. Depression may seem like it is always going to remain hanging over your head, but it isn't. You can overcome anything, even the heaviest of emotional states."

Here's another video to help encourage. 



So, are you ready to take on this new journey?

Are you ready to discover the greatness inside of you?

Then let’s do this thing!

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